(another PICO-8 game from me)


Z to start. Arrows move the junk bin. 


I love the idea of Came across it a while ago and although it might be a case of directing resources at the symptom rather than the disease, I have to admire such a simple idea that seems to work so well. (I did take a little bit of artistic liberty in not requiring it be tied down to a specific point by its electric cable, but a free-floating one of these isn't totally fantastical in fairness.)

I have been working on another game and it's not going to happen today, probably not even this week, despite being simple enough in theory. A lot of learning in this other one, and I'm sick, so I decided to 'give myself a break' and 'only' crunch out something small in a few hours. 

Enjoy simulating something that would help the world as you play this game! It's rare enough in games, really, but we all need our escapes as well.

Lexaloffle BBS thread: here.

#1GAM December 2017

Install instructions

The game should work great in the browser whether downloaded or not! Download the ZIP and put both files in the same folder, then double-click on 'seasaver.html'. It should open like a normal webpage.

The binaries just need to be downloaded and unzipped on the correct kind of computer - they should work from the unzipped folder with no extra messing. I'm just using the built-in PICO-8 binary export, but please let me know if something is weird with them. It is a new enough feature.

If you have PICO-8 and want to check out the game's code/etc. or just play it in the 'real thing', download either seasaver.p8 or seasaver.p8.png to your pico-8/carts directory, then load from within the game with 'load seasaver'.


Download 333 kB
Download 1,014 kB
Download 463 kB
Download 835 kB
seasaver.p8.png 9 kB
seasaver.p8 40 kB

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